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Stewardship is the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the world, and the unifying principle of the progressive causes. The Stewardship Union is a proposal for a long-term organizational effort dedicated to this concept, to the creation of a unified Stewardship of Earth. Its central goals are collaboration and strength of message ― to serve as a network and coalition of stewards in the world, dedicated to both general and specific responsibility. In keeping with the spirit of truth and advocacy which is central to stewardship, the Union would be organized around specific principles; the specificity of these principles means that it cannot itself serve as the broadest possible network and coalition of stewards or progressives. Indeed, a great majority of those who are clearly stewards would find the principles objectionable at some point or other, including even the need for a broad or global association. The Union, though it would be an open association, can be no more than a small force within the stewardship.

Its purpose, then, is to be a central force. There have been and continue to be many attempts at progressive networks and coalitions, even many attempts at universal progressive groupings. Some are large groups that have met with great success organizing around broad or vague outlines. Some are small groups with great and worthy ambitions. Many of these groups, large and small, are represented on the internet. They are doing admirable work, and in some cases doing work that is similar to the Unionís, and more successful. It might for that reason make sense to subsume the Union in one of these other organizational attempts, in keeping with the principles of collaboration and universality. But there is no other voice for the explicit connection of the progressive causes, no group that likewise identifies the common purpose of the stewards of the world. The preservation and improvement of the world need not be dealt with element by element, and there is indeed a great danger in allowing the common voice and ideals of stewardship to be diluted or dismissed through such an analytical approach. Stewards may be cross-represented in many other progressive organizations. But the Union would unite them in direct responsibility for the world, in all its aspects and all its regions.

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