The following sites represent a diversity of views among stewards and stewardship organizations; they do not all agree with each other, nor do they all share the views of the Stewardship Project.

The United Nations
The United Nations in Genève
World Federalist Movement - world government coalition
The International Committee of the Red Cross - relief, human rights, and peace organization
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies - relief, human rights, and peace network
International Humanist and Ethical Union - movement for secular and temporal morality
Unitarian-Universalists - movement emphasizing the unity of religious belief, and practicing its ethics
The Greens - progressive, originally conservation-oriented, political movement
Socialist International - network of socialist and social-democratic political organizations
Association for Progressive Communications - world network of information networks
Institute for Global Communications - progressive information network
OneWorld - progressive information network

Association of World Citizens - cosmopolitan advocacy
World Revolution - progressive network
New Civilization Network
Earthville Network - cosmopolitan organizational effort
United Planetary Federation - world government advocacy
United People of Planet Earth - organizational effort
少林 Shăo Lín - ancient order of 中國 Zhōng Guó devoted to the defense of life and justice



Human Rights Watch - international monitoring organization
Amnesty International - human rights organization
Reporters sans frontières - press freedom organization
Freedom House - research and monitoring organization on liberalism
Coalition for International Justice - monitoring the pursuit of criminals against humanity
ReliefWeb - from the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs
CARE - international relief organization
Médecins sans frontières - international medical relief organization
International Rescue Committee - relief organization
World Bank - intergovernmental development agency
World Conservation Union - coalition of governmental and nongovernmental organizations
Greenpeace - international conservation organization
World Wildlife Fund - conservation organization
Conservation International
Planned Parenthood - international federation of family-planning organizations
Global Ecovillage Network
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals



Alliance for Democracy and Reform in Asia - coalition of prominent activists
American Civil Liberties Union - US organization
Human Rights in China
Фонд Защиты Гласности - русский press freedom organization
Southern Poverty Law Center - US organization for justice and tolerance
The Sierra Club - US conservation organization
The Nature Conservancy - US conservation trust
National Wildlife Federation - US network of provincial conservation organizations
Georgia Wildlife Federation - provincial conservation organization
National Audubon Society - US conservation organization
Defenders of Wildlife - US conservation organization
Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) - US progressive organizational movement
Democratic Socialists of America - US political organization
Americans for Democratic Action - progressive US political organization
The Democratic Party - US political organization favoring personal liberties and economic regulation
Concord Coalition - US organization for fiscal responsibility
Population Connection - formerly Zero Population Growth, US organization for population control
United Way - US volunteer and fundraising network
City Cares of America - US network of local service networks



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