Officially: República Oriental del Uruguay.
Seat of government: Montevideo.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: The president is elected directly. The legislature (Asamblea General) comprises the Cámara de Representantes and the Cámara de Senadores, both elected by proportional representation.
Chief governing party: Partido Nacional (Blanco).
Head of government: Luis Lacalle Pou, president (since 2020).
Other major legislative parties: Encuentro ProgresistaFrente Amplio (Nueva Mayoría); Partido Colorado; Cabildo Abierto.
Recent history: The 2004 parliamentary and presidential victories of the EPFA ended the two-party domination of the Colorados and Blancos; the presidential victor was Tabaré Vázquez (2005-10, 2015-20), winning in the first round. José Mujica (2010-5) of the EPFA was elected to succeed Vázquez in a 2009 runoff. Vázquez was reelected to the position in a 2014 runoff over Lacalle Pou of the Blancos, and his party maintained a bare majority in the legislature. The EPFA presidential candidate in 2019, Daniel Martínez, finished first, but narrowly lost in a runoff to Lacalle Pou. The EPFA won a plurality in both chambers of the legislature, but lost its majority.
FH: 1-1, free. Econ: 8.17 (18), full democracy.
Updated: 2021 June 18.