Also: Придністровя.
Officially: Приднестровская Молдавская Республика; Придністровська Молдавська Республіка; Република Молдовеняскэ Нистрянэ.
English: Transdniestria.
Seat of government: Тирасполь.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: The president is elected directly; parliament (Верховный Совет), which chooses the prime minister, is elected in geographical consituencies.
Governing party: Обновление.
Heads of government: Вадим Красносельский, president; Александр Мартынов, prime minister.
Other parliamentary parties: Приднестровская Коммунистическая Партия; Прорыв.
Assessment: Secessionist state internationally considered to be a part of Moldova (de Est). A referendum was held in 2006 for continued independence and eventual union with Россия; the official result, almost unanimously in favor, in probability was not genuinely democratic but did reflect popular opinion. The state as a whole was not democratic under longtime president Игорь Смирнов (1990-2011). But in the 2005 legislative elections, the opposition Обновление defeated the party of Смирнов, Республика. Обновление then won a majority of seats in the 2010 legislative elections, and in the 2011 presidential election, Євген Шевчук (2011-6), a noted reformer, defeated Смирнов and Анатолий Каминский, the favored candidate of Единая Россия. Обновление increased its majority in parliament in 2015 elections. Красносельский defeated Шевчук in a 2016 presidential election.
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