— Also: Kangwane.
— Officially: Umbuso weSwatini; Kingdom of eSwatini.
— English: Swaziland.
— Seats of government: ΙMbαbαne; Lobamba.
— Status: Not democratic.
— Structure: Autocracy under the current king.
— Head of government: Mswati III, king.
— Chief opposition party: People’s United Democratic Movement, led by Mario Masuku.
— Assessment: Reigning, ever-more-tyrannical monarchy under the young and erratic hereditary ruler, Mswati (1982-). His father Sobhuza II (officially, 1899-1982, though of limited power during his youth and colonial rule) created a party, the Imbokodvo National Movement, before independence (1968) to support his power; the INM won every seat in the last election (1967) before independence, and nearly every one in the first (1972) after. While dealing with legal issues over his power following that election, he chose to dissolve parliament, ban parties, and assume direct rule, which has continued to the present. Due to the ban on parties, labor unions have been central to the opposition. Opposition leader Masuku and other PUDeMo members have been arrested and jailed repeatedly.
— FH: 7-5, not free. Econ: 3.04 (137), authoritarian.
— Updated: 2018 April 21.