— Seat of government: Kingstown.
— Status: Democratic.
— Structure: The parliament (House of Assembly) comprises members elected in geographical constituencies, who choose the prime minister, and senators, who are chosen by the prime minister and the parliamentary opposition.
— Governing party: Unity Labour Party.
— Head of government: Ralph Gonsalves, prime minister (since 2001).
— Chief opposition party: New Democratic Party.
— Assessment: Labour (including the ULP’s predecessor, the Saint Vincent Labour Party) and the NDP have alternated in power since 1967 (before independence in 1979). Milton Cato of Labour served multiple terms (1967-72, 1974-84), and the NDP won several lopsided seat victories under James Fitz-Allen Mitchell (1972-4, 1984-2000). Gonsalves and ULP took office in 2001, winning decisively in the beginning, but only a narrow victory in 2010 and 2015. In 2020, the NDP actually won a very narrow popular majority, but ULP picked up a seat nonetheless.
— FH: 2-1, free.
— Updated: 2021 June 18.