— Also: Saint Lucia.
— Seat of government: Kastri / Castries.
— Status: Democratic.
— Structure: The parliament comprises the House of Assembly, elected in geographical constituencies, which chooses the prime minister, and the Senate, chosen by the governing and opposition factions in the House of Assembly and by the governor-general, who is chosen by the prime minister.
— Governing party: Saint Lucia Labour Party.
— Head of government: Philip Pierre, prime minister (since 2021).
— Chief opposition party: United Workers Party, led by Allan Chastanet.
— Recent history: The SLP and UWP have alternated in power since the first elected government in 1960 (SLP); John Compton (1964-79, 1982-96, 2006-7) of the UWP led the government from 1964 through independence in 1979, and again beginning in 1982. After his retirement in 1996, the SLP won the next election (1997), and Kenny Anthony (1997-2006, 2011-6) became prime minister. The UWP then won elections in 2006, and Compton, out of retirement, became prime minister a third time, though he fell ill while in office. Stephenson King (2007-11) acted as prime minister until Compton’s death in 2007, then assumed the office permanently. A 2011 election returned the SLP to power, with Anthony again heading the government. In 2016, the UWP won a majority, and Chastenet (2016-21) became prime minister. The SLP won a majority in a 2021 election.
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— Updated: 2021 November 28.