Also: Seychelles.
Officially: Repiblik Sesel; République des Seychelles; Republic of the Seychelles..
Seat of government: Viktorya.
Status: Not democratic.
Structure: Dominant-party state. In theory, the president is elected directly, while the parliament is elected through geographical constituencies modified by proportional representation.
Governing party: Parti Lepep.
Head of government: James Michel, president.
Opposition party: Parti Nasyonal Sesel, led by Wavel Ramkalawan.
Recent history: The PL (until 2009, Fron Progresif Pep Sesel) has been in power since terminating multi-party democracy one year after independence (1976). Autocrat France-Albert René (1977-2004) came to power in a coup; he stepped down officially as president in 2004, though not immediately as head of the Fron. Parliamentary elections held afterwards (2007) were deemed fair; the Fron took 23 seats to the PNS’s 11, a result repeated exactly from the 2002 election. Michel was officially reelected in 2006 and 2011 over Ramkalawan; the PNS boycotted the 2011 parliamentary election, and the PL claimed every seat.
FH: 3-3, partly free (democratic).
Updated: 2015 March 13.