— Also: Buntlaand.
— Officially: Dowlad Goboleedka Puntland ee Soomaaliya; بونتلاند دولة الصومال « Būntlānd Daŭlaḧ ɔal-Sūmāl ».
— Seat of government:
— Status: Not democratic.
— Structure: The president is chosen by parliament.
— Head of government: Cabdiweli Maxamed Cali, president.
— Assessment: Effectively independent but officially supportive of reunification. Established following the collapse of the Soomaali rιgime of Maxamed Siyaad Bare in 1991. While not democratic, the state has seen two consecutive transfers of power (2009, 2014) from an incumbent to a challenger. A power struggle between Cabdulaahi Yuusuf Axmed (1998-2004) and Jaamac Cali Jaamac (2001-2) starting in 2001 (with the original expiration of Cabdulaahi’s time in office) left Puntland divided, with Cabdulaahi in control of most; he was chosen as transitional-administration president of Soomaaliya in 2004. Maxamuud Muuse Xirsi (Cade) (2005-9) was Cabdulaahi’s permanent successor; he was defeated for reelection in a parliamentary vote, with Cabdiraxmaan Maxamed Maxamuud (Faroole) (2009-14) the ultimate winner. Cabdiweli was chosen in a narrow victory over Faroole in 2014. Controls the traditional gobolada of Bari and Nugaal, a part of Sanaag and small part of Sool (contesting with Soomaaliland), and the northern half of Mudug. In 2014, the state suspended its participation in the federal structure for Soomaaliya, over the recognition of a competing state to the south.
— Updated: 2014 December 17.