Officially: Ripublik Naoero; Republic of Nauru.
English: Nauru.
Seat of government: Yaren.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: Parliament is elected in multi-member geographical constituencies using ranked voting, and chooses the president.
Head of government: Baron Waqa, president (since 2013).
Political parties: Naoero Amo; Democratic Party; Centre Party.
Recent history: In 2003, frequent president René Harris (1999-2000, 2001-3, 2003, 2003-4) was removed from office, replaced by more-frequent president Bernard Dowiyogo (1976-8, 1989-95, 1996, 1998-9, 2000-1, 2003, 2003); but as Harris and six ministers were not present for the vote, the chief justice ruled that there was no quorum and reinstated Harris. After Harris conceded, Dowiyogo, in the US for medical care, died of a heart attack, replaced by Derog Gioura (2003). Ludwig Scotty (2003, 2004-7) then became president, governing in coalition with Naoero Amo. But further changes in favor of Harris, and then of Scotty, later took place. Parliamentary elections led to a clear and unusually-stable majority for Scotty, but parliament eventually replaced him with Marcus Stephen (2007-11). Stephen called early elections, in which his supporters won a two-thirds majority in parliament. In 2010, however, two elections were called in which Stephen’s supporters won exactly half of parliamentary seats. In the first, the opposition also won half; in the second, all MPs were reelected but one, from the opposition, whose seat went to an independent. Stephen resigned under pressure in 2011, eventually replaced by Sprent Dabwido (2011-3). Elections in 2013 were won by the government, with Waqa becoming president.
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Updated: 2015 April 25.