Also: Múnegu.
Officially: Principauté de Monaco.
Seat of government: Monaco / Múnegu.
Status: Questionably democratic.
Structure: The prince is hereditary. The legislature (Conseil National) is elected at large and by party list. The minister of state is chosen by the prince in consultation with France and usually is Français.
Heads of government: Serge Telle, minister of state (since 2016); Albert de Grimaldi, prince (since 2005).
Chief parliamentary party: Horizon Monaco.
Other parliamentary parties: Union Monégasque; Renaissance.
Assessment: Zone of mixed control. The Union Nationale et Démocratique spent decades (1962-2003) in the majority, controlling most seats. The Union pour Monaco won an election in 2003. After 2008 elections, the UPM controlled most of the council’s seats, though it won only a small majority in the popular vote. Michel Roger was appointed minister of state in 2010. General elections in 2013 were contested by new alliances; Horizon Monaco includes the UND’s latest form, Rassemblement et Enjeux pour Monaco.
FH: 2-1, free.
Updated: 2016 March 30.