— Also: M̧ajeļ; Maj๖l.
— Officially: Republic eo an Aelōn in Majōl; Aolepān Aorōkin M̧ajeļ; Republic of the Marshall Islands.
— English: Marshall Islands.
— Seat of government: Mājro.
— Status: Democratic.
— Structure: The parliament (Nitijeļā) is composed of senators, elected by island, and chooses the president.
— Heads of government: Christopher Loeak, president (since 2012).
— Parliamentary parties: Aelōn Kein Ad – United People’s Party; United Democratic Party; Kien Eo Am.
— Assessment: Elections are officially nonpartisan, but parties are active nonetheless. The AKA governed from independence (1979) to 2000; it is also known as the Kabua Party, from its association with the first two presidents, Amata Kabua (1979-96) and his cousin Imata Kabua (1997-2000). The UDP took power after the 1999 election, with Kessai Note (2000-8) as president. The 2007 election for the Nitijeļā produced a number of close results for individual seats and a close result for control of the government; eventually Litokwa Tomeing (2008-9) was elected, originally with the UDP. Jurelang Zedkaia (2009-12) became president when Tomeing lost a vote of confidence. After the 2011 election, independent Loeak replaced Zedkaia.
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— Updated: 2015 April 25.