Also: Italia Mafiosa.
Officially: Cosa Nostra.
English: Mafia-controlled Italy.
Seat of government: Sicilia.
Status: Not democratic.
Governing party: the Mafia.
Head of government: unknown; possibly Matteu Missina Dinaru.
Assessment: Often overlooked as an independent power, and practicing well-documented brutality. The last clear capu di tutti capi, Birnardu Provinzanu, died in custody in 2016. One of his partners, Antonino Giuffrè, is held by Italia and providing evidence. Provinzanu fended off further state action from Roma by curtailing the murders prevalent under his predecessor, Totò Riina. Sarvaturi Lo Piccolo and Antonino Rotolo, either of whom may have succeeded Provinzanu as capu on the outside, were arrested as well. Dinaru is the most prominent leader at large.
Updated: 2021 June 20.