— Officially: Jamaica.
— Seat of government: Kinston.
— Status: Democratic.
— Structure: The legislature (Paaliment) comprises the Ous a Riprizentitiv, elected in geographical constituencies, which chooses the prime minister, and the Senet, chosen by the governing and opposition parliamentary factions.
— Governing party: Jumieka Lieba Paati.
— Head of government: Andrew Holness, prime minister (since 2016).
— Chief opposition party: Piipl Nashinal Paati, led by Mark Golding.
— Assessment: Stable democratic tradition. The PNP chose Portia Simpson-Miller (2006-7, 2012-6) to replace the long-serving P.J. Patterson (1992-2006) as prime minister. In 2007, the (conservative) JLP won a general election, ending eighteen years of PNP government. Bruce Golding (2007-11) became prime minister; he resigned as JLP leader in 2011 and was replaced by Holness (2011-2, 2016-). An election in late 2011 was won convincingly by the PNP, returning Simpson-Miller to office. But in early 2016, the JLP secured a narrow majority. It then dramatically expanded its majority in 2020, winning 57% of the vote.
— FH: 2-3, free. Econ: 7.21 (49), flawed democracy.
— Updated: 2021 June 17.