Also: Grønland.
Officially: Namminersornerullutik Oqartussat.
English: Greenland.
Seat of government: Nuuk / Godthåb.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: The parliament (Inatsisartut) is elected by geographical constituencies modified with proportional representation, and chooses the prime minister.
Governing parties: Inuit Ataqatigiit and Naleraq; supported from the outside by Atassut.
Head of government: Múte Bourup Egede, IA, prime minister (since 2021).
Other parliamentary parties: Siumut; Demokraterne/Demokraatit.
Assessment: Nominally under the control of Danmark, but effectively independent; in 2009, that independence was legally expanded. Parties favoring independence are dominant; liberal parties favoring rapid independence, specifically Siumut and Inuit Ataqatigiit, have recently become a majority in general elections. Siumut’s coalitions with both IA and the conservative Atassut have failed at times. 2005 elections gave the Siumut-Atassut coalition a bare majority in parliament, leading to the coalition’s expansion. Early elections called in 2009, to coincide with an expansion of autonomy, saw IA finish first; Kuupik Kleist (2009-13) became prime minister. In 2013 elections, Siumut finished first, and Aleqa Hammond (2013-4) became prime minister; she resigned in late 2014 over a legal issue, and early elections were held, with Siumut again finishing first; Kim Kielsen (2014-21) of Siumut became prime minister. A coalition was formed in 2016 of Siumut, IA, and Partii Naleraq, under Kielsen. In 2021 elections, IA emerged as the plurality party, and Egede became premier.
Updated: 2021 June 17.