Also: Dominica.
Officially: Commonwealth of Dominica.
Seat of government: Wozo / Roseau.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: The parliament (House of Assembly) comprises representatives elected in geographical constituencies, who choose the prime minister, and a smaller number of senators also chosen by the representatives.
Governing party: Dominica Labour Party.
Head of government: Roosevelt Skerrit, prime minister (since 2004).
Chief opposition party: United Workers’ Party.
Assessment: Generally and historically a reliable liberal democracy, though it has recently aligned itself with Hugo Chávez economically, and to some extent politically. Labour has been in office since 2000. In 2014, Labour was reelected for a fourth straight term, with a slightly-reduced majority. The 2019 led to an increase in seats for Labour; its large national margin (59-41%) was distributed evenly enough to take 18 of 21 seats.
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Updated: 2021 June 18.