Status: Not democratic; not unitary.
Governing party: Factions of the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia.
Assessment: A collection of rightist paramilitary groups, perhaps the most brutal faction. Collectively called a ceasefire and reportedly offered to stand down in late 2002; but some paramilitary factions were opposed to negotiation. This led to the killings of Carlos Castaño, commander of the main force of the Autodefensas Campesinas de Córdoba y Urabá of about ten thousand (half of the AUC’s peak strength), and Miguel Arroyave, commander of the Bloque Centauros of five thousand, by other AUC members in 2004. The Bloque Metro, of twelve hundred, was commanded by Carlos Mauricio García (Rodrigo/Doble Cero) until his death, also in 2004. The Bloque Central Bolívar, two thousand fighters led by Iván Roberto Duque (Ernesto Báez) and Carlos Mario Jiménez (Macaco), and the Bloque Mineros, twenty-six hundred led by Ramiro (Cuco) Vanoy, disarmed in 2005-6. According to Colombia-Bogotá, all AUC fighters have now disarmed. Independent reports have said otherwise, and in particular note the emergence of the Águilas Negras, a paramilitary terrorist and drug-trafficking group aligned with the right.
Updated: 2014 October 28.