Also: Ikeria.
Officially: Noxiyn Respublika Noxiy.
English: Chechnya.
Status: Not democratic.
Recent history: Has defied the empire of Россия Rossija historically and recently, and has been devastated in retribution. The excluded territory was headed by democratically-elected leader Aslan Masxadan (1997-2005) until his assassination by Россия Rossija . His official successors have been Sayd-Jeliyn Jabdul-Ẋalim (2005-6, also killed) and Jumar Khant Dokka (2006-13, also killed), but Şamil Basayev was the most powerful figure in independent Noxiy until he was killed in 2006 (a death that Россия Rossija dubiously claimed). The independence movement fractured with Jumar Khant Dokkas increasing emphasis on religion.

Note: Most of the Noxiy population currently lives under the control of Россия Rossija , which began the reconquest in 1999, held and rigged a 2003 referendum to cement its control, and installed a rival government through a corrupt process. The installed government was led by Къадири Ахьмад-Хьажи Kǝadiri Axǝmad-Xǝai (2000-4), who was assassinated, replaced by Сергей Абрамов Sergeĭ Abramov , himself replaced by Алу Алханов Alu Alxanov (2004-7), selected in a fixed presidential poll. Къадар Ръамазан Kǝadar Rǝamazan , son of Къадири Kǝadiri and warlord over much of Noxiy, was made prime minister in 2005. Under his rule de facto, Noxiy became the place that Российский Rossiĭskiĭ propaganda claimed it would without Российский Rossiĭskiĭ rule. Къадар Kǝadar became president in 2007 under the new appointment system.
FH: 7-7, not free (for occupied Noxiy).

Updated: 2014 November 18.