Also: Centrafrique.
Officially: Ködörösęse tî Bęafrîka; République Centrafricaine.
English: Central African Republic.
Seat of government: Bangî.
Status: Not democratic.
Structure: Interim administration with limited control.
Head of government: Catherine Samba-Panza, interim president.
Recent history: A series of dictators began with independence: David Dacko (1959-65, 1979-81), whose cousin Barthélemy Boganda headed the transitional colonial administration; Jean-Bédel Bokassa (1965-79), who declared himself emperor; and André Kolingba (1981-93). Kolingba was pressured by a popular movement to hold free elections; the winner was opposition leader Ange-Félix Patassé (1993-2003). Patassé faced numerous revolts against his government; he was reelected in 1999. He faced down another revolt with help from foreign armies, including those of ليبيا « Lībīā », France, and neighboring Congo-Gbadolite. François Bozizé (2003-13), a military commander suspected by Patassé of plotting to overthrow him and driven into exile, actually did overthrow him in 2003, while Patassé was out of the state. Bozizé was recognized early on as legitimate by the fellow states of CÉMAC. He had some genuine popular support, but the 2005 presidential election which returned him to office was not democratic and his true support was not known. Rebellions against his rule began in 2004, and much of the north and west of the recognized territory was out of Bozizé’s control during these rebellions. Civil opposition was led by the Concertation des Partis Politiques d’Opposition, headed by Enoch Derant-Lakoué, who at one point was driven into hiding. Bozizé staged another fraudulent election in 2011. He was finally overthrown in 2013 by the northern coalition Seleka CPSK-CPJP-UFDR; Seleka head Michel Djotodia became president, but with little popular support, particularly in the south. Resistance to the مسلم « Muslim »-dominated Seleka was organized in “anti-balaka” militias in the Christian and animist communties. Djotodia resigned under pressure in 2014, replaced by a transitional administration.
FH: 5-5, partly free (not democratic). Econ: 1.86 (162), authoritarian.
Updated: 2015 February 22.