Officially: Brčko Distrikt; Брчко Дистрикт « Brčko Distrikt »; Distrikt Brčko.
Seat of government: Brčko / Брчко « Brčko ».
Status: Not democratic.
Structure: Government consists of an elected assembly and mayor, supervised by an international high representative chosen by foreign governments.
Heads of government: Esed Kadrić, SDA, mayor (since 2020); Christian Schmidt, international high representative (since 2021).
Parliamentary parties: Stranka Demokratske Akcije; Савез Независних Социјалдемократа « Savez Nezavisnix Socijaldemokrata »Демократски Савез « Demokratski Savez »; Социјалистичка Партија « Socijalistička Partija »; Hrvatska Demokratska Zajednica; Savez za Bolju Budućnost BiH; Narod i Pravda; Уједињена Српска « Ujedińena Srpska »; Партија Демократског Прогреса « Partija Demokratskog Progresa »; Stranka za Bosnu i Hercegovinu; Socijaldemokratska Partija Bosne i HercegovineNaša Stranka; Српска Демократска Странка « Srpska Demokratska Stranka »; Демократски Народни Савез « Demokratski Narodni Savez ».
Assessment: Technically part of both “entities” of the confederal state, Federacija Bosne i Hercegovine and Република Српска « Republika Srpska », but in practice independent of them. Perhaps the most successful unit in Bosna at intersectarian integration. Partially autocratic as a UN protectorate. Brčko had its own international supervisor, a deputy to the high representative, but that post was suspended in 2012.
FH: 4-3, partly free (democratic). Econ: 5.70 (86), hybrid. (For Bosna as a whole.)
Updated: 2021 November 28.