ó Officially: Republic of Botswana; Lefatshe la Botswana.
ó Seat of government: Gaborone.
ó Status: Democratic.
ó Structure: The president is chosen by parliament (National Assembly), which is elected through geographical constituencies.
ó Governing party: Botswana Democratic Party.
ó Head of government: Ian Khama a SÍrÍtsÍ, president.
ó Opposition parties: Umbrella for Democratic Change (Botswana National Front; Botswana Movement for Democracy; Botswana Peopleís Party), led by Duma Boko; Botswana Congress Party, led by Dumelang Saleshando.
ó Assessment: Sub-Saharan Africaís oldest and most stable democracy. Perhaps most notable for resisting the resource curse with its diamond wealth; also one of few democracies not to experience a transfer of power, as the BDP has held office since independence (1966). The term of first president SÍrÍtsÍ Khama (1965-80, father of Ian) established many of the policies that have enabled Botswanaís success. Khama was followed by Quett Masire (1980-98), Festus Mogae (1998-2008) and Ian Khama (2008-). In the 2014 election, the UDC and BCP together scored a slight majority of the popular vote, but the BDP secured a safe majority of seats.
ó FH: 2-2, free. Econ: 7.47 (39), flawed democracy.
ó Updated: 2014 October 30.