Seat of government: Bridgetown.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: The parliament comprises the House of Assembly, elected in geographical constituencies, which chooses the prime minister, and the Senate, chosen by the prime minister, the governor-general, and the parliamentary opposition. The governor-general is chosen by the prime minister.
Governing party: Democratic Labour Party.
Head of government: Freundel Stuart, prime minister (since 2010).
Chief opposition party: Barbados Labour Party, led by Owen Arthur.
Recent history: The BLP under Arthur (prime minister, 1994-2008) was reelected in 2003 and 2006 with overwhelming parliamentary majorities; but the DLP was elected in 2008 with a two-thirds majority of its own, and DLP leader David Thompson (2008-10) became prime minister. Thompson died in office in 2010, replaced by Stuart. The DLP was reelected narrowly in 2013.
FH: 1-1, free.
Updated: 2014 October 24.