— Officially: Commonwealth of the Bahamas.
— Seat of government: Nassau.
— Status: Democratic.
— Structure: The parliament comprises the House of Assembly, elected in geographical constituencies, which chooses the prime minister, and the Senate, chosen by the governing and opposition parliamentary factions.
— Governing party: Free National Movement.
— Head of government: Hubert Minnis, prime minister (since 2017).
— Chief opposition party: Progressive Liberal Party, led by Philip (Brave) Davis.
— Recent history: While largely a two-party system, between the PLP and the FNM, the Democratic National Alliance, led by Branville McCartney, won a significant share (8.5%) of the 2012 popular vote. The PLP, despite winning just under half of the popular vote, took three quarters of the seats. In a 2017 election, the effect was reversed; the FNM won 57% but nearly all (35/39) seats. The PLP’s Lynden Pindling headed the government 1967-92, followed by alternating terms of the FNM’s Hubert Ingraham (1992-2002, 2007-12) and the PLP’s Perry Christie (2002-7, 2012-7).
— FH: 1-1, free.
— Updated: 2017 December 22.