— Officially: State of Antigua and Barbuda.
— Seat of government: Saint John’s.
— Status: Democratic.
— Structure: The parliament comprises the House of Representatives, elected in geographical constituencies, which chooses the prime minister, and the Senate, mostly chosen by the government and the opposition in the House.
— Governing party: Antigua Labour Party.
— Head of government: Gaston Browne, prime minister (since 2014).
— Chief opposition party: United Progressive Party.
— Assessment: Recent history: The ALP, under Vere Cornwall Bird (1981-94) and his son Lester (1994-2004), governed from independence until the election of the UPP in 2004, under Baldwin Spencer (2004-14). In 2009, the UPP was reelected, but the 2014 general election saw the ALP return to power, winning 14 of 17 seats. It was reelected in 2018, winning 59% of the vote and 15 seats.
— FH: 2-2, free.
— Updated: 2021 June 18.