Officially: Pricipat d’Andorra.
Seat of government: Andorra la Vella.
Status: Democratic.
Structure: The legislature (Consell General) is elected in the parròquies, modified by party-list proportional representation, and chooses the government.
Governing party: Demòcrates per Andorra.
Head of government: Antoni Martí, cap de govern (since 2011).
Parliamentary opposition: Partit Liberal d’Andorra; Partit Socialdemòcrata; Socialdemocràcia i Progrés.
Assessment: Nominally a principality of France (through its president) and the Roman Catholic Church (through the Bishop of Urgell), but in practice independent. The PL governed for fifteen years (Marc Forné Molné, 1994-2005, Albert Pintat, 2005-9). The PS then secured half the seats in a 2009 parliamentary election, and Jaume Bartumeu (2009-11) became cap de govern. A 2011 election gave a large majority to the Demòcrates; in 2015, the party was reduced to a small majority.
FH: 1-1, free.
Updated: 2015 April 25.