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2001 October 21


I have been taking the war and its instigating act of destruction as seriously as most, I think. But seriousness is a rather difficult mood to sustain in this world. Eventually the absurdity of events and the folly of human behavior will disrupt any reverie of earnestness. That is not to say that I don’t have genuine concern about the actions of the Taliban on the one hand, and the Republicans on the other; that I am unmoved by the suffering of Afghans affected by the latter bombings and New Yorkers affected by the former; that I don’t grieve to watch the Israelis and Palestinian Arabs engage in reciprocal assassinations; that I don’t have some idea of the tremendous tragedy that we face should there be a war between Islam and the West. But I have prepared myself as well as I can without overturning my life entirely; and even the White House can take time out from demonizing Osama bin Laden to demonize Bill Maher, so things must not be as pressing as we are being told.

The one thing that I am known to take most seriously is the presence in our world of the phenomenon of dominion, the antithesis of stewardship. The counterpart to our own stewardship is a dominion of the powerful and the aspiring powerful who have taken to themselves the rule of our world, have claimed mastery and, in the absence of our own resistance, will exercise that mastery. Obviously I concern myself with the dominion more than most stewards; one might almost worry that I am obsessive. (One needn’t worry; one is assured that I am, in fact, obsessive.) I certainly have been following the dominion’s actions for years, and analyzing its words. For the most part our tyrannical counterparts are coy about their doings. But in my internet research I have turned up something remarkable.

There is, believe it or not, a web site for the Dominion. Even better, the address: Had I not carefully cultivated a reputation for impeccable credibility, it might be supposed that I had fabricated the site to serve my propaganda purposes; but nay, it is genuine. The whole site is informative, but I particularly want to highlight the iteration of specific beliefs that appears at the bottom of the first page. For those who, like me, have been wondering, What does the dominion really want?, we finally have an answer in their own words.

9) Miscellaneous Positions:

The Dominion fully supports the unregulated ownership and bearing of any and all types of small arms and individual weapons
Up to and including, we must assume, shoulder-mounted surface-to-air missiles.

The Dominion condemns abortion in any form for whatever reason
I was pretty sure that was the case.

The Dominion fully supports the American War for Independence, the Southern War for Independence, the Texas Revolution and any other group of individuals fighting to throw off the chains of oppressive civil government such as the Christians in Sudan
Christians in Sudan? All six of them?

The Dominion condemns the actions of the federal government at Waco, Texas and Ruby Ridge, Idaho (in addition to all such other acts)
The ATF: bunch of communist dogs.

The Dominion supports the investigation of the federal government's involvement in the Oklahoma City bombing and the downing of TWA flight 800
I would have supposed it was gays, feminists, and atheists ― but apparently that cabal operates covertly through the federal government.

The Dominion supports non-deterministic conspiratorial views of individual events (such as those instigated by the Council on Foreign Relations, The Trilateral Commission, Rockefellers, Skull & Bones, etc) but disagrees with monolithic and deterministic conspiratorial theories of history
They must have forgotten to mention the Templars. I’m sure they were involved.

The Dominion supports non-paganistic alternative medicine and condemns allopathic medicine
My sentiments exactly. Allopathic medicine can go to Hell.

The Dominion supports home and private schooling and condemns any form of civil government involvement in education or church controlled education (though some church controlled education may be necessary for the short term as a stop-gap measure)
As long as there aren’t any nuns involved, presumably.

The Dominion rejects the pedagogy of "Classical" education and believes it to be irrelevant and largely incorrect in its underlying assumptions
Hmmm. Well, they may be onto something there.

The Dominion condemns as heretical any church that fails to promote the continuing and general application of God's Law to individuals and all institutions in society
Must be talking about the Unitarians here.

The Dominion supports the home church movement and condemns those who teach that a local, institutional church must be attended regardless of the theology promoted therein
Wouldn’t play very well in Italy, I would think.

The Dominion rejects the preacher-congregation model of ecclesiology (doctrine of institutional church authority structure) as patently unbiblical and Romanist in origin; The Dominion believes the biblical model to be multiple laymen elders who all serve as ministers to the church in a part time capacity
Oh, right. So there’s the Italy thing.

The Dominion supports paedo-communion, paedo-baptism, and distribution of the communion elements by the husbands/fathers
Men! Got to love ’em! Have these guys contacted Promise Keepers?

The Dominion condemns any and all trade with China and similar overtly anti-Christian nations; The Dominion implores all Christians to boycott goods from such countries
So we’ll start buying Nikes again when Pat Robertson can travel freely in China. Maybe he’ll move there. Wouldn’t that be worth the wait?

Some of these beliefs were predictable. I have to confess, though, that I did not realize that the dominion was so concerned about things like paedo-communion and allopathic medicine. I supposed that they were only interested in ruling the world and subjugating both man and nature. Perhaps if deterministic conspiracy theories are so despised by our enemies, we should be investigating whether they might not have value to us. And though I have always longed to join the Trilateralists, now it becomes an imperative. But only because Skull and Bones won’t have me.


John D. “Ford” Rockefeller V



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