the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the world












----- Elements of the stewardship
----- Roles in the stewardship
----- Metaphors and representations
----- A second pole
----- Stewardship sites on the internet
----- The Universal Declaration of Human Rights
----- Writings of the stewardship

----- Principles of the Stewardship Union
----- Explanations and elaborations

----- The Standard of Justice
----- The tribunate
----- Global response force
----- The city
----- Other policies
----- Geopolitical policies

----- Organizational and contact information

----- States of Earth
----- Reference base
----- Places of Earth
----- Political news
----- Dominion in the world
----- Censorship in the world
----- Linguistic zones of Earth
---------- Explanation of linguistic zones
----- Integration and disintegration in the world

----- Multilingual glossary
----- Transcription protocols
----- Semiotic theory
----- Notes in classical linguistics
----- Basic linguistics of English
----- Definitions
----- Informational sites on the internet






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― Newsletters

2008 March 10: Fair play
2008 January 9: The hypnotist
2007 November 22: White man’s burden
2006 February 4: Lend me a sword to break the fall
2006 January 10: Radical opposition
2005 October 4: Phoenix submergent
2005 October 3: Brats
2005 August 6: Fundamentalism
2005 July 19: Someone else’s world
2005 May 14: Uncle Володя’s Revue
2005 April 17: Lord Keaw the Magnificent
2005 March 4: Deck chairs
2005 February 13: Let bygones be bygones
2005 January 23: Instincts of a worse nature
2004 December 18: A story of poles
2004 October 26: You pays your money
2004 September 24: Festival of illusions
2004 September 5: Sore losers
2004 July 17: Random obsolescent thoughts
2004 July 1: Geomythology
2004 June 24: Sunset provision
2004 May 31: Old people
2004 May 6: Folk sayings
2004 April 30: Out of bounds
2004 April 9: Street theater
2004 March 16: Guilt by association
2004 February 29: A hollow confession
2004 February 10: Veil of hypocrisy
2004 January 23: Pep-squad republic
2004 January 7: Parchment façade
2003 December 18: Verdict of ignominy
2003 November 8: The least of these my brethren
2003 October 8: If they will not jump, can they be pushed?
2003 September 10: Climb mountain; erect cross.
2003 August 21: Incitement to riot
2003 August 18: Machinery
2003 August 1: The subtlety of shades
2003 July 17: If an image be washed away
2003 June 26: A continent beneath the sea
2003 June 18: Possession is nine-tenths of lawlessness
2003 May 28: Tyranny on Market Street
2003 May 19: Pageantry as peace
2003 April 26: Reasoning out of a box
2003 April 18: Armistice and convention
2003 March 20: An imperialism of kleptocracy
2003 March 11: A strange and sordid business
2003 February 4: A space folly
2003 January 31: The best defense
2003 January 21: Truth is the first casualty of anti-war
2003 January 13: Random obsolescent thoughts
2003 January 5: No-tomorrow life
2002 December 29: Disputed territory
2002 December 10: Jim Crow: the man and his life
2002 November 21: Skepticism and the secular method
2002 November 8: Down, and for good reason
2002 October 31: A جهاد ĝihād by any other name
2002 October 20: Random obsolescent thoughts
2002 September 9: Champion to the cause
2002 July 4: Stars and Stripes forever, or purgatories to that effect
2002 June 13: The strategy of perseverance
2002 March 17: The will of nations
2002 March 10: Three things worth following at the moment
2002 March 3: Casting the roles in an old drama
2002 February 10: Random obsolescent thoughts
2002 January 20: Class, caste, and transformation
2001 December 9: The “American” طالب Tālib
2001 November 25: A banner of defiance to the warlords of intrigue
2001 November 25: ―― A few footnotes
2001 November 11: Progress, if it can be called that
2001 October 21: Our old friends
2001 September 30: The unconscionable silence of the opposition
2001 September 15: War is Hell, and other reasons to think
2000 December 19: And so it ends
2000 November 15: Hang, if you would, the jury

― Linguistic theory

Semiotic theory: the semiotic component of a comprehensive theory
Notes in classical linguistics: ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ and LATINA
Basic linguistics of English: primarily for teachers and tutors

― Collections of past commentaries on issues of the world

Past issues: commentaries on various matters
中國 Zhōng Guó: Clinton’s visit, flooding, usual tricks
Africa: Congo, eastern Africa, Angola, Lesotho, a Guiné-Bissau
Nigeria: Abacha, Abiola, Abdusalam
The Balkans: Kosova, Србија, Македонија, Shqipëria
Hindustān: Nuclear weapons, Kašmīr
Indonesia/Malaysia: Habibie, Mahathir, Megawati
العراق ’al-Cirāq: war, sanctions, and weapons of mass destruction
Southeast Asia: Mяanmā, Kômpûciĕ



Of The Ford

― Academic essays

In defense of self-determination: Crimea and a supposed principle
Realities of mêlée and theories of order: an account of government in general
Empires of fact and hyperbole: empire as a form of organization within the state
Myth, greed, and force: an account of illiberal government
Power, politics, and mêlée: social movement theory
Totalitarianism in theory: high-repression, high-loyalty régimes in Wintrobe
Human rights and the problem of equivalence: false equivalence and non-equivalence
The certitude of right and rights: Michael Ignatieff and human rights
Prospects for integration and disintegration in the world: a study
Nationalism as a political ideology: the territoriality of nations
The territorial state: an analysis of Mann’s ‘The autonomous power of the state’
World power and the Heartland: an analysis of Mackinder’s pivot area
Regions and the territorial trap: extending John Agnew’s critique
Region and place: a comparison of geographical terms
Geography and the advancement of science: a discipline’s forgotten role
Particularity and the space-place distinction: geographical concepts
Geography and the state: a dependent relationship
The quantitative revolution in geography: the discipline’s reach towards science
Regional versus systematic geography: a contrast and struggle
Untouchable: the last military dynasty in Nigeria
The mandate of heaven: advising the Chinese empire
Taking sides: proposed US policy on Taiwan
The way forward and out: the future of China
Everyday heroes: the second Ku Klux Klan
Plus ça globalize, plus c’est la même monde: globalization
Not exactly, thanks for asking: on the clash of civilizations
Deus ex machina: Genesis 22 and ‘Fear and trembling’
Again: the story of Rwanda, and the least we can do now
Notes on the “ethics” of religion: Short analyses of texts and figures

― Truth and stewardship

Transcendence: cosmology and ethics in the universe
Transcendent rationalism: the logical basis of stewardship
Aristocracy of the mind: rationalism as a virtue
Sable: a thought on symbolism
Models of consciousness: metaphors for the mind
Self and other: an early discussion of the comprehensive theory
Semiotic theory: the semiotic component of a comprehensive theory

― Specific issues from a stewardship perspective

The world envisioned: an ideal described
Civil society: charity, government, property, and stewardship
World unity: the foundations for a stewardship of Earth
Red menace: a rational view of communism
Yīn and yàng in the stewardship: the two sides of compassion
Standardism, injustice, and caprice: written law and the dominion
Sentience and reason: the ethics of animal consciousness
Casting the roles in an old drama: the legend of stewardship
Current issues: commentaries on various matters

― Apostasy: essays of unbelief

Homeland: origins of apostasy
Tyrants and sycophants: cultural relativism and the policy of appeasement
Innocents: nationalism and gun control
Cults: demonization of unpopularity
Superstition: religion as dominion
Pomp and pomposity: formality, tradition, and imperiousness
Reefer madness: the war on drugs
Old glory: freedom and flag burning
Nicht anders: the stand of Martin Luther
Briefs: “Authoritarianism”, JFK, Robin Hood
Class, caste, and transformation: educational élitism
The warlords of intrigue: police state in the US
The “American” طالب Tālib: apostasy as treason
The will of nations: the madness of nationalism
Stars and Stripes forever: the Pledge of Allegiance
Down, and for good reason: 2002 US elections
No, Virginia, now that you mention it: deception and self-deception

― The Semi-Regular Dogmatic: critical thought from an apostate

1. Sophists: modern academic philosophy
2. Desdicha: dispossession
3. Lenguaje: languages and dialects
4. Bastardy: legitimacy of world states
5. Scenario: coming fascism in the US
6. The Beast: the human body
7. Doctrine: education and indoctrination
8. Weltburg: world integration

Toadeaters: appeasement of tyranny