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Updated 2001 February 18


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Geographical divisions by administrative dialect only ― fluid cultural zones as the operative provinces of the world.
Interim government structured according to the parliamentary system, with parliament holding all state power under a written constitution. Elections at large by party list with proportional representation.
Imprisonment for violent transgressions only; imprisonment as protection, not as punishment (hence no forced labor or corporal punishment). Primary defense against non-violent actions is passive barriers (locks, walls, computer security). At most, non-violent actions which have economic consequences may be sanctioned economically, by fine or loss of privileges.
Single age of majority recognized by the state, at which all privileges and responsibilities come into effect ― civil independence, voting, standing for office, driving, financial responsibility, criminal liability. No trial or punishment of minors as adults for any crime.
No revocation of voting rights for any reason.
Permanent guarantee of the right to personal arms.
Full subsidy of: basic nutrition; health care; training at all levels; mass transit; communication. Basic support would include shelter allowance of [-] m² for each individual (with combination of allowances for joint households). Each household equipped with communication terminal.
No expenditure on space exploration or development until poverty is eliminated on Earth.


End of uncritical belief; each individual autonomous in thought. Elimination of the concept of sanctity.
Broad-based knowledge and skills encouraged for all individuals, including basic levels in many areas.
Replacement of legal marriage with domestic partnership, to include familial and non-familial, sexual and non-sexual relationships, of two or more persons, and according children increased status as partners.
End of sexual taboos, including nudity, homosexuality, incest, masturbation.


Local and personal names in native forms whenever possible. Use of Hellenistic alphabet.
Disuse of eponymy, euphemisms, formal address, titles. Use of single standard name of address.
Use of metric system.
A single world time ― prime meridian standard.
Use of generic names whenever possible.
Eventual use of hexadecimal system for numbers.


[in]% of land designated wilderness. Designation of tundra, mountain, and desert regions as wilderness. Other land use categories: resource production; resource exploitation; recreation; urban. Eventual elimination of resource-exploitation category.
Voluntary limitation of two children per parent (no person the biological parent of more than two children) with the goal of rapidly achieving population stability and eventually population decline.
Immediate, intensive research into solar energy; ultimate use of the sun as primary source of energy.
Eventual elimination of animal food.
Eventual elimination of private use of pollution-causing transportation.
Cities constructed around networks of public transportation and greenways and connected by high-speed mass transit network. Development expanded upwards, not outwards. Return of land to wilderness with population decline.
Protection of life and habitat for all primates, marine mammals, and elephants.
Immediate research into organic conservation tillage; ultimate universal implementation. Return of highly-erodable land to permanent vegetation.
Eventual disuse of non-renewable resources. Eventual recovery of usable materials in landfill. Reduction of overall production of goods. Complete recycling of all recyclable materials. Research into recycling of other materials.
Designation of all waterway corridors as primarily natural within [in] m of the banks for every m³/s of flow. Encroachment limited to [de]% of the total length of the waterway and [de] m for any continuous length.

Note: [-] represents a fixed number, [in] a number which increases over time, [de] a number which decreases.



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