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Stewardship is the assumption of responsibility for the welfare of the world. That welfare requires much effort, that responsibility is realized in many ways. Most stewardship is limited, if not compromised, and most sites on the internet with an orientation towards stewardship are likewise limited. This site is meant to provide a voice to the central principles of stewardship, to the unified progressive cause of preserving and improving the world.

The pages on the site are grouped around the three bodies which the site represents: the stewardship, the Stewardship Union, and the Stewardship Project.

The stewardship is the entire body of those who take responsibility for the world, whether they agree on specifics or not. The basic texts explaining stewardship are here.
The Stewardship Union is a proposed network and coalition of those connected by their dedication to the principles of stewardship.
The Stewardship Project is the author of this site, an organization established to pursue a particular vision of stewardship.

Among the features of the site:

Truth: The transcendent ideal that inspires stewardship looks above all to the truth. The steward is thus dedicated to the truth, to finding and understanding and sharing the truth of the universe. These pages deal with comprehensive theory, including an interconnected cosmology and ethics.
Earth as it is: The primary research resource from the Stewardship Project, detailing the current state of the world politically and culturally, especially focusing on the balance of freedom and dominion.
Research: The second collection of research pages, primarily linguistic. It contains native geographical terms and geopolitical entities, linguistic commentary and notes on orthography and transcription, and helpful sites for further cosmopolitan information.
Policies and proposals: Specific positions on a wide range of issues.
Writings of the Stewardship Project: Sundry essays which further explain stewardship, and elaborate on positions of the Project; also includes current and past commentaries on world issues and events.
Newsletters: Archive of periodic dispatches on world events and stewardship issues, 2000-8.
Apostasy: A series of essays that explore the world from the critical and skeptical perspective arising from the abandonment of faiths of various sorts.
The Semi-Regular Dogmatic: Diatribes that are both harshly critical and uncharacteristically constructive. Each text is printed first in its original form, and then in a more readable form, with translations included.

This site is committedly cosmopolitan, and equally committed to a full realization of principle. For that reason, names of persons and places are given to the fullest extent possible in native form ― in the form used by the persons or in the places themselves. But translations for unfamiliar names and words will appear as pop-up text when the cursor is positioned on the name. While this might initially hamper reading, it is supposed that it will ultimately facilitate communication across cultural lines, and in any case is required by the establishment of the principle. Most Windows 95 and later computers have the most-commonly-used characters in Garamond, which is the preferred font for this site. Most of the other characters used in this site are available in the font Arial Unicode MS. And for scripts other than Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek, a transliteration into Roman is provided immediately after the word.


This project is above all an act of advocacy, for the transcendent ideals and culture of stewardship. After the truth, there is nothing more important in the universe. Take time to read the texts, consider them, and evaluate the ideals and culture. If you find truth in them, become active. Let the ideals be lived out in your daily life; but go beyond the normal and easy. The stewardship needs your fullest contribution. Practice and advocate the ideals. Heed the common purpose of all stewards by lending your voice to the common voice of stewardship, and joining your efforts with the common efforts of the stewardship. Be a steward.


This site is published by the Stewardship Project, and edited by O.T. Ford. All legal rights are reserved.




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