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The costs and risks of the Democratic field ― What happens if certain people are nominated?
The case against the case for Beto O’Rourke [Dialogue & Discourse] ― governance matters
Red state, blue state; country state, city state ― on the current geography of US politics
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Rise of a moral panic [Areo] ― white nationalism after Trump
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The cultural relativism of the Christian majority [Areo] ― the “religious test” rule
Parallel worlds: empirical region and place ― geography dissertation
Master and fool ― James Comey, badly played by Vladimir Putin
Welcome to the world we’ve been living in this whole time ― populism and nationalism
Hillary Clinton versus a long series of glittery men ― double standards
Recent writings ― various work from 2012 on
―― World affairs
―― Politics
―― Media criticism
―― Language and linguistics
―― Geography
Explanations of world issues [Quora]
Globalization and today’s events in Egypt ― on the fall of Hosni Mubarak

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2008-03-10: Fair play ― the democracy of the Democratic nominating process
2008-01-09: The hypnotist ― the curious success of Barack Obama
2007-11-22: White man’s burden ― Iowa and New Hampshire as colonialism
2006-02-04: Lend me a sword to break the fall ― romanticism and Hamas
2006-01-10: Radical opposition ― right versus left
2005-10-04: Phoenix submergent ― on not rebuilding New Orleans
2005-10-03: Brats ― possessive peoples
2005-08-06: Fundamentalism ― scientists as an ignorant priesthood
2005-07-19: Someone else’s world ― the dismal life of Muslims
2005-05-14: Uncle Volodya’s Revue ― Putin speaks to parliament
2005-04-17: Lord Keaw the Magnificent ― The omnipotence of the Catholic Church
2005-03-04: Deck chairs ― Sudan’s misplaced priorities
2005-02-13: Let bygones be bygones ― The death of Gnassingbé Éyadéma
2005-01-23: Instincts of a worse nature ― Victims of tyranny and tsunamis
2004-12-18: A story of poles ― Ukrainian and US elections compared
2004-10-26: You pays your money ― The coming US presidential election
2004-09-24: Festival of illusions ― Supposed transfer of power in China
2004-09-05: Sore losers ― US global dominance
2004-07-17: Random obsolescent thoughts ― terrorists, the wall, Milosevic, Blakely
2004-07-01: Geomythology ― geopolitical change as the only enduring reality
2004-06-24: Sunset provision ― the legacy of Ronald Reagan
2004-05-31: Old people ― aging dictators getting away with murder
2004-05-06: Folk sayings ― the Abu Ghraib scandal
2004-04-30: Out of bounds ― Greek nationalism and Cyprus reunification
2004-04-09: Street theater ― empty protestation against tyranny
2004-03-16: Guilt by association ― terrorist bombings in Spain
2004-02-29: A hollow confession ― insincerity
2004-02-10: Veil of hypocrisy ― the headscarf in France
2004-01-23: Pep-squad republic ― the Iowa caucuses
2004-01-07: Parchment façade ― constitutional processes
2003-12-18: Verdict of ignominy ― the capture and punishment of Saddam
2003-11-08: The least of these my brethren ― silence about nationalist dominion
2003-10-08: If they will not jump, can they be pushed? ― Californian democracy
2003-09-10: Climb mountain; erect cross. ― the Howard Dean campaign
2003-08-21: Incitement to riot ― culpability of leaders
2003-08-18: Machinery ― eliminating the individuality of the individual
2003-08-01: The subtlety of shades ― two kinds of tyranny
2003-07-17: If an image be washed away ― narcissism in our approach to the world
2003-06-26: A continent beneath the sea ― ignoring Africa
2003-06-18: Possession is nine-tenths of lawlessness ― wealth and entitlement
2003-05-28: Tyranny on Market Street ― a personal experience of petty dominion
2003-05-19: Pageantry as peace ― the Nobel Peace Prize
2003-04-26: Reasoning out of a box ― rationalism and taboos
2003-04-18: Armistice and convention ― considering the victory in Iraq
2003-03-20: An imperialism of kleptocracy ― collusion in appropriation
2003-03-11: A strange and sordid business ― depravity at the United Nations
2003-02-04: A space folly ― the Columbia explosion
2003-01-31: The best defense ― a politics of candor
2003-01-21: Truth is the first casualty of anti-war ― those against war with Iraq
2003-01-13: Random obsolescent thoughts ― execution, taxes, Nigeria, the Raëlians
2003-01-05: No-tomorrow life ― the despair of poverty
2002-12-29: Disputed territory ― understanding freedom
2002-12-10: Jim Crow: the man and his life ― Thurmond, Lott, and racism
2002-11-21: Skepticism and the secular method ― rationalism consistently applied
2002-11-08: Down, and for good reason ― the mid-term elections in the US
2002-10-31: A jihad by any other name ― the Russian war in Chechnya
2002-10-20: Random obsolescent thoughts ― the King trial, elections, the IRA
2002-09-09: Champion to the cause ― liberalism’s folly on Saddam
2002-07-04: Stars and Stripes forever, or purgatories to that effect ― the Pledge of Allegiance
2002-06-13: The strategy of perseverance ― an enduring activism
2002-03-17: The will of nations ― the madness of nationalism
2002-03-10: Three things worth following at the moment ― Zimbabwe, Madagascar, nukes
2002-03-03: Casting the roles in an old drama ― dominion and stewardship in metaphor
2002-02-10: Random obsolescent thoughts ― rhetoric, islands, post-9/11 charity
2002-01-20: Class, caste, and transformation ― educational elitism
2001-12-09: The “American” Taliban ― apostasy as treason
2001-11-25: A banner of defiance to the warlords of intrigue ― police state in the US
2001-11-25: ―― A few footnotes
2001-11-11: Progress, if it can be called that ― the fall of Mazar-e-Sharif
2001-10-21: Our old friends ― a website from the Dominion
2001-09-30: The unconscionable silence of the opposition ― liberals play dead
2001-09-15: War is Hell, and other reasons to think ― the coming response to 9/11
2000-12-19: And so it ends ― resolution of the US election
2000-11-15: Hang, if you would, the jury ― the US presidential election

― Reference base

Index ― explanation and shorter entries
Burma ― state and nation
City ― developed human settlement
Civilization ― cultural sphere based on historical influence
Conventionality ― supposed truth by agreement
Country ― conventional region of the world
Culture ― learned beliefs, abilities, and practices
Egypt ― historical region and modern state
First-past-the-post ― electoral system
Gerrymandering ― political districting for advantage
Government ― state and politics
Indo-Asia ― civilizational sphere of Indian culture
Indo-European ― world’s largest language family
Landform ― physical regions of the Earth’s surface
Landmass ― the concept, and the largest and most populous examples
Language ― basic concepts
Lowest common denominator ― math concept and metaphor
Mongolia ― nation, country, and state
Nation ― grouping of people
Region ― generic geographical area
Religion ― general nature and individual religions
Rhoticity in English ― historical use and non-use of the ‘R’ sound
Sino-Asia ― civilizational sphere of Chinese culture
Slavs ― Eastern European people and culture
Somalia ― cultural region, nation, country, states
Speech ― phonetics and phonology
Surface water ― forms and functioning
Ukraine ― historical and cultural region, country, state
World region ― major conventional subdivision of the cultural world
Writing ― concepts and scripts

― Academic papers and essays

In defense of self-determination ― Crimea and supposed principle
Realities of mêlée and theories of order ― an account of government in general
Empires of fact and hyperbole ― empire as a form of organization within the state
Myth, greed, and force ― an account of illiberal government
Power, politics, and mêlée ― social movement theory
Totalitarianism in theory ― high-repression, high-loyalty régimes in Wintrobe
Human rights and the problem of equivalence ― false equivalence and non-equivalence
The certitude of right and rights ― Michael Ignatieff and human rights
Prospects for integration and disintegration in the world ― a study
Nationalism as a political ideology ― the territoriality of nations
The territorial state ― an analysis of Mann’s ‘The autonomous power of the state’
World power and the Heartland ― an analysis of Mackinder’s pivot area
Regions and the territorial trap ― extending John Agnew’s critique
Region and place ― a comparison of geographical terms
Geography and the advancement of science ― a discipline’s forgotten role
Particularity and the space-place distinction ― geographical concepts
Geography and the state ― a dependent relationship
The quantitative revolution in geography ― the discipline’s reach towards science
Regional versus systematic geography ― a contrast and struggle
Untouchable ― the last military dynasty in Nigeria
The mandate of heaven ― advising the Chinese empire
Taking sides ― proposed US policy on Taiwan
The way forward and out ― the future of China
Everyday heroes ― the second Ku Klux Klan
Plus ça globalize, plus c’est la même monde ― globalization
Not exactly, thanks for asking ― on the clash of civilizations
Deus ex machina ― Genesis 22 and ‘Fear and trembling’
Again ― the story of Rwanda, and the least we can do now
Notes on the “ethics” of religion ― short analyses of texts and figures

― Foundational documents and policies

Introduction ― the stewardship site
The stewardship ― the basic concept
Elements of the stewardship ― institutions and their interaction
Roles in the stewardship ― various ways individuals can act as stewards
Metaphors and representations ― stories that illustrate stewardship
A second pole ― stewardship as opposed to dominion
The Stewardship Union ― proposal for broader organization
Principles of the Stewardship Union ― proposed organizing principles
The Stewardship Project ― standing organization for stewardship
The Standard of Justice ― statement and elaboration
The tribunate ― proposal for an improved democracy
The general account ― discussion of a personal role

― Truth and stewardship

Transcendence ― cosmology and ethics in the universe
Transcendent rationalism ― the logical basis of stewardship
Aristocracy of the mind ― rationalism as a virtue
Sable ― a thought on symbolism
Models of consciousness ― metaphors for the mind
Self and other ― an early discussion of the comprehensive theory
Semiotic theory ― the semiotic component of a comprehensive theory

― Specific issues from a stewardship perspective

The world envisioned ― an ideal described
Civil society ― charity, government, property, and stewardship
World unity ― the foundations for a stewardship of Earth
Red menace ― a rational view of communism
Yin and yang in the stewardship ― the two sides of compassion
Standardism, injustice, and caprice ― written law and the dominion
Sentience and reason ― the ethics of animal consciousness
Casting the roles in an old drama ― the legend of stewardship
Current issues ― commentaries on various matters

― Apostasy: essays of unbelief

Apostasy ― introduction
Homeland ― origins of apostasy
Tyrants and sycophants ― cultural relativism and the policy of appeasement
Innocents ― nationalism and gun control
Cults ― demonization of unpopularity
Superstition ― religion as dominion
Pomp and pomposity ― formality, tradition, and imperiousness
Reefer madness ― the war on drugs
Old glory ― freedom and flag burning
Nicht anders ― the stand of Martin Luther
Briefs ― ‘Authoritarianism’, JFK, Robin Hood
Class, caste, and transformation ― educational elitism
The warlords of intrigue ― police state in the US
The “American” Taliban ― apostasy as treason
The will of nations ― the madness of nationalism
Stars and Stripes forever ― the Pledge of Allegiance
Down, and for good reason ― 2002 US elections
No, Virginia, now that you mention it ― deception and self-deception

― Linguistic theory

Semiotic theory ― the semiotic component of a comprehensive theory
Notes in classical linguistics ― Greek and Latin
Basic linguistics of English ― primarily for teachers and tutors
Transcription protocols ― standards and principles for transliteration and transcription

― The Semi-Regular Dogmatic: critical thought from an apostate

1. Sophists ― modern academic philosophy
2. Desdicha ― dispossession
3. Lenguaje ― languages and dialects
4. Bastardy ― legitimacy of world states
5. Scenario ― coming fascism in the US
6. The Beast ― the human body
7. Doctrine ― education and indoctrination
8. Weltburg ― world integration
Toadeaters ― appeasement of tyranny

― Collections of past commentaries on issues of the world

Past issues ― commentaries on various matters
China ― Clinton’s visit, flooding, usual tricks
Africa ― Congo, eastern Africa, Angola, Lesotho, Guinea-Bissau
Nigeria ― Abacha, Abiola, Abdusalam
The Balkans ― Kosovo, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania
India ― Nuclear weapons, Kashmir
Indonesia/Malaysia ― Habibie, Mahathir, Megawati
Iraq ― war, sanctions, and weapons of mass destruction
Southeast Asia ― Burma, Cambodia