This series was published by Bishop Ford from 1990 to 1993. The style is rather candid, following the ‘dogmatic’ ideology. The texts give an insight into the early thought that led to the Stewardship Project.

The text is reproduced in the original, in the Hellenistic paradigm alphabet, which has only one case (capitals). It differs here from the original only in the form of a small number of characters. Translations will appear if the cursor is placed over the word, and have also been provided at the bottom of each page. An English-only version is available on the alternate Essays page.


1: Sophists - modern academic philosophy
2: Desdicha - dispossession
3: Lenguaje - languages and dialects
4: Bastardy - legitimacy of world states
5: Scenario - coming fascism in the US
6: The Beast - the human body
7: Doctrine - education and indoctrination
8: Weltburg - world integration

Later texts:

Toadeaters - appeasement of tyranny